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Singapore CFD Consulting & MEP Solutions For Your Business Needs

As a trusted consultancy in Singapore, we solve your business needs and challenges so you can make the right decisions ahead.

CFD Simulation & Analysis FAQs

CFD is the process of mathematically predicting physical fluid flow by calculating using computational formula. 

In CFD simulation and analysis, fluid flow and its associated physical properties, such as velocity, pressure, viscosity, density, and temperature, are calculated based on defined operating conditions.

To derive an accurate, physical engineering solution, these quantities are calculated simultaneously.

Get a real-time perspective on how you can improve your systems with advanced CFD simulation runs.

Efficiency: With CFD Analysis in place, save time, money and labor with quicker data acquisition.

Flexibility: Almost all design-and-build industries cater to CFD Analysis for optimization and performance of fluid dynamics such as air flow and heat ventilation.

Simulation: You can preview and assess your design performance first before you decide to commit resources into building.

As engineers specializing mainly on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection services, we use CFD Simulation & Analysis on these common spaces where fluid flows regularly interact:

Office simulations
Smoking lounges
Warehouse fire simulation
External and make-up air building flows
Fume hood design
Industrial ventilation design
Fire management
Smoke management
Vehicular facilities
Data centers
HVAC design

At Megagenix, we are fully capable of producing a comprehensive design process to render you accurate results on CFD Analysis.

The main components of your CFD design cycle include:

– Analysts or engineers for initial problem statement
– Using mathematical models, methods & scientific knowledge
– Software coded with algorithms for CFD Analysis
– Hardware for actual calculation performance
– Professional engineers for interpreting CFD simulation results

Traditional experiments is often made up of multiple variable factors difficult to discern. In the past, the only way for an engineer to optimize his/her design is to conduct physical tests on product prototypes.

With the advancement of technology, CFD Simulation & Analysis can provide accurate and detailed insights on fluid flow patterns to solve and improve design-and-build engineering projects. 

Get optimal results while saving on time and resources for the actual build.

When you employ our engineering service of CFD Analysis as a value add-on for your projects, you are guaranteed that all fluid flow mechanisms are fine-tuned down to the last detail. In a project life cycle, clients together with lead architectural and engineering consultants, work in a multi-faceted approach to form a coherent output.

At Megagenix, what we bring to the table is our engineering expertise. Take HVAC design, for example, we conduct advanced simulations for the optimization of your HVAC design parameters.

Taking occupant comfort into account, we calibrate your building’s HVAC system alongside with its location, diffusers, flow rate of supply air and more. From modifications to improvement, there’s nothing that a CFD Analysis from our expert engineers can’t do.

Our Full Range of Services

CFD Simulation & Analysis Consulting

Save costs, improve system performance & have better control over your premises. Megagenix CFD Design addresses your challenges.

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EC Fan Retrofitting, Replacement & Upgrading

Reduce energy consumption and lower ongoing maintenance costs., We supply, install, test, commission & manage everything for you.

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Preventive Maintenance Services

At Megagenix, we resolve faulty issues before they become a major crisis. Operate smoothly while we prolong system lifespan.

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Commercial ACMV Services

From custom design work to maintenance and repair, we take care of your ACMV needs from end-to-end. Get professional guidance here.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

We provide multi-dimensional BIM services from project conception right through to construction and up until handover and beyond.

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One-Stop Design & Build Services

Achieve your project goals within budget. We ensure quality & excellence in every ACMV design and build, customised to your needs.

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Preventive Maintenance Services

At Megagenix, we resolve faulty issues before they become a major crisis. Operate smoothly while we prolong system lifespan.

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Megagenix Integrated Solutions

From CFD Simulation, BIM/VDC Production, MEP/C&S, to Analysis, Rendering, Modelling and Tender Preparation, consult our expertise.

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CFD Simulation: Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Your Expert CFD Consultants & Professional Engineers

Megagenix provides CFD / ACMV / HVAC Consultation and Full Project Management Services for Commercial Applications. 

Our Clientele: Who We Serve

Tech & Data Companies

Data Center Operators can benefit from Megagenix solutions by efficiently managing temperature levels, reducing power consumption & cooling costs.

Shopping Malls & Retail

We use CFD modeling to accurately design and build Smoke Control & Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems, ensuring public health & safety according to SCDF Regulations.

Government Establishments

Megagenix supports engineers, architects & contractors in the process of designing and building schools, healthcare facilities, public pools, libraries, offices and carparks.

Residential Contractors

Be it HDB, Condo or Landed, Megagenix understands the unique challenges of different landscapes & properties. We implement safety and comfort aspects in your design needs.

F&B Business Operators

F&B Business Operators can prevent food spoilage and cut wastage losses. Megagenix designs & builds precise mechanical ventilation for proper air circulation.

Business Establishments

Megagenix supports your business with effective ventilation solutions for manufacturers and warehouses with high heat levels. Improve productivity and safety at work.